I'm the kind of friend who will sip coffee with you and chat for hours about anything and everything under the sun. I'm the same friend who'd meet you at the base of a mountain ready for an alpine adventure into the unknown. Nature makes me swoon and I'm deeply loyal to those I love. I live by my heart and follow my joy, and I promise I'll forever encourage you to do the same. 

"Photos are magic. They're snippets of our heart and remind us of who we were, how we loved, and of those we cherished most. The substance of what life is all about. We all have a story to tell and I can't wait to help you tell it."


Love is the greatest feeling in the whole wide world and I believe it's the greatest gift we could ever give or receive. It's why we swoon over movies like The Notebook, or How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days (one of my personal faves), or any classic Disney film. Love lifts us up to our greatest heights and fills us with such giddiness and joy. 

I see your story in this same light and nothing inspires me more than being able to give you your very own cinematic love story. 

"I genuinely care about you, your story, and your LOVE. The beautiful nuances of how you interact with each other and how you experience life together will always be my greatest inspiration."

Being a photographer is one of my absolute greatest delights in life and there's no place I'd rather be than by your side on your wedding day, capturing the beautiful memories you make together.

My approach is to allow each moment to unfold as naturally as possible and create a space where you can immerse yourselves in the joy of your wedding day. Most of the time I'll be blending in with your guests and playing fly on the wall, carefully observing and catching those beautifully candid moments. Other times will call for my gentle encouragement and direction into poses or actions that'll achieve the most naturally beautiful results. No matter what though, I promise you, you'll never be wondering what to do with your hands ;)

At the end of the day your wedding is about your commitment together and celebrating your love with the people you cherish most and I'll capture your day in a way that documents the honesty and true emotion of one of the greatest days of your lives together. 

"I'm here to capture the honest emotion of one of the greatest days of your lives together."

Shortly after we officially book your date together, there will be a questionnaire I send to both you and your partner individually. Not just any questionnaire, but one that I created with the utmost care and intention to provoke thoughts that open your heart and get to the root of your love and joy. Over the years I've received the most wonderful feedback from my couples based on this questionnaire and how they would've never thought to do such an exercise together that sparked so much love and even from those who might've been on the reserved side of things, have opened up and poured their hearts into their answers.

I'm sharing this with you because one of my favourite things of all time is getting these questionnaires back and reading the most heartfelt, honest, loving, sweet and sometimes funny answers I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

It truly touches my heart, every single time, and through this experience I know you'll feel the same xo.

Fresh flowers. Sunsets in the Alpine. The stillness of first thing in the morning. Everything about Nature. Adventures. And coffee. Preferably bright and fruity.


Kind Words From my Couples




"Katherine is simply AMAZING! She made us feel so at ease as though we were strolling with a friend (even though we'd just met for the first time). Katherine executed flawlessly and delivered our gallery sooner than expected! 

Richa & Anurag

"Katherine is the most talented and caring photographer. We had so much fun and she made our experience feel natural and genuine. Our pictures turned out phenomenal, better than we could've ever imagined!

Shayne & Carson

"Katherine was an absolute pleasure to work with. She's kind, patient, and really takes the time to get to know you and your partner. The photos she took for our engagement were everything we wanted and more!"

Alex & Deyan

FOR THOSE who live unapologetically by their HEARTS.

Unposed and full of LOVE. 

Your story. Exactly as you live it.